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Design research methodology now online

Earlier this month, I presented a paper at the Changing the Change conference in Turin, Italy. The paper describes the methodology for conducting a study on design methods for sustainable innovation. This study will be useful for small design studios, like Work Worth Doing, that are in the process of applying sustainability criteria into […]

Now House – Look behind the scenes

I hope you can join us tomorrow!

Mid-Project Open House: Saturday, June 21st, 1 pm – 4 pm
12 Topham Road, Toronto (East York)
You are invited to look behind the scenes as we retrofit the first Now House — near zero energy wartime home. Day-by-day, our changes are moving this home towards zero energy use. That means […]

Now House in North American Commission for Environmental Cooperation report

The Now House project was recently featured in a report by the North American Commission for Environmental Cooperation. “Green Building in North America” points at the challenges and opportunities for improving the energy and environmental performance of buildings in the region. One interesting feature in the report is future scenarios towards the year 2030 that show potential energy and […]

New WWD research initiative

This month we are beginning a new research initiative with the objective of better understanding design methods as they relate to social and environmental issues. Over the past couple of months we have been sharing ideas with Kathrine Overgaard Rasmussen, from this year’s Kaos Pilots program who did an internship with us. Our conversations with […]

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